Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj: Ocean of New, Used & Second Hand Books

Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj- Through A Bookseller’s Eye

As a Book Seller, leaving a few rare exceptions, I am proud to say that being a salesman that too for book selling is a great opportunity in my life & it becomes automatically “More than the Most” exciting when it is for the books which are old, rare & affordable too, no doubt that the only Super Book Market in Delhi (could be for India or the World in future) for this kind is Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj, though it is famous by the name of Daryaganj only but this market has successfully spread its arms toward Asif Ali Road till Delight Cinema as well.

Book Festival every Sunday At Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj

My experience in this market is true as I celebrate a Book Festival every Sunday. Needless to say, that the saying of OLD is GOLD comes true in Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj time to time. It’s because there is unlimited, unseen, unknown category of books available in this market. Which sometimes can be the best deal for the buyer who keeps on searching their favorites.

Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj

It is not sure that every bookseller knows the (true) value of the book he (or she too) is selling, but our customers are the guide who teach us the same & in the next sell we use that knowledge. One can get a good book starting from Rs. 5/- to Rs. 50, Rs. 500, Rs. 5000/-. However the more the quantity of the books one takes, the more the prices gets cheaper.

Communicating with almost each & every type of person has been the best benefit I have been getting from this market, interacting with different kind of people has helped me understanding various human characteristics which I think I could only get here in this book market.

Discussing throughout the day with my customers, friends & fellow booksellers is always an enrichment to my knowledge about so many subjects & issues. In other words, if by any reason I have to miss a Sunday, I feel as there was no weekend. Or the week has not yet passed.

Bookseller At Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj

Sometimes I feel that being a bookseller in Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj is just like a social service also because a bookseller is helping a lot of people by providing the useful books at very much affordable prices & on the other hand the buyers are providing employment to a great no. of booksellers.

It is surprising but true that almost half of the booksellers have this book market as the only means to arrange their bread & butter, the other half is doing this business on a part-time basis. People from every nook & corner of the city, country come over there to give their time to gain the value of their time in terms of earning money or knowledge whatever is their satisfaction. Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj

People are there also who comes to this market just for chilling out & passing time though they have no intention to buy or sell the books still they give time to this market. Since the market is very close to Paharganj which the main place to stay for our foreign visitors. These foreigners are also a part of the weekly mob of this market.

There are both pleasures & pains a bookseller, as well as a buyer, keep on experiencing the whole day as most of the time the basis of the sale is the bargaining. A deal is good when it is decided to buy/sell or not to buy/sell the book without many bargains, but sometimes it becomes irritating for both the buyer & the seller when the bargaining gets too long to control, yes there are certain situations where the bargaining becomes so much entertaining for both the parties no matter whether the deal is done or not.

Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj – Negative Sides

Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj Market has some negative sides also especially for the buyers if the vehicles are parked on roads & the owner is not near his/her vehicle, the Traffic Police Crane take the vehicle away to the Police Station & a penalty challan between a minimum of Rs. 100/- to maximum Rs. 1000/- is charged from the vehicle owner. Also if sometimes a person is not giving proper attentions to his/her belongings, there can be a pickpocketing. However, a few precautions can help to avoid any such kind of mishappening.

People are not only here to buying books only, they often come here to sell off their old books also. The prices may not be as good as when the books are sold off. But it is always better than to dispose of off the same to local Kabadi Wala. Just because I do, I feel other book sellers also not only sell the books. But also exchange them with their books keeping a cool marginal profit. Books are provided on a refundable condition also or also on rent whenever somebody asks for.

Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj

Few More Words…

At present this market is booming with Educational, Entertainment, Specialized & Rare Books for all age group, all income group. Generally, people mention that the quantity & quality of the books is growing day by day. The booksellers are getting more understanding than before, the crowd is also increasing week by week.

But there might be a threat to Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj. Due to a shut down the implementation of another phase of Master Plan of Delhi in 2007. It would not only affect thousands of earners but also affect lakhs of people who are getting educated, civilized, competitive & successful thru books just because this market is providing a lot to masses in a very economical & optimum way.

Though I believe that Nothing has an end, still ending the topic as a common citizen of Delhi I suggest & as a bookseller, I request all the people interested in books to come & enjoy the fun in Sunday Book Market & try their best to let this Enjoy be forever…

However, I find this site Buy Secondhand books is very similar with Sunday Book Bazaar Daryaganj. Costing of books are really very genuine. An exclusive book station of its kind where the heart and brain come together in the book selection.


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